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Next Level Golf Lessons at our purpose built Golf Studios in Sunbury on Thames

For every level of golfer. Our PGA Professional Coaches have the knowledge and the tools to take your game to the Next Level!

We have created a cool, relaxed and comfortable learning environment fitted with leading edge technology which provides you with a safe private area to learn, develop and master your game.

Our studios are fitted with the industry leading Trackman 4 system, high speed cameras and instant video playback to provide you with accurate assessments and feedback.

All data is recorded and emailed to you, at the end of each lesson in a clear and understandable format – comparison over a period of time will highlight progression and areas of improvement.

Our PGA professional coaches have many years of experience working with players at every level and have access to the latest training aids to get you to your next level of golf. Please click here to read some testimonials.

The feedback, data, video and reports copied to you by email, will also be available permanently on your own online portal and smartphone app after every session and our coaches will provide you with ongoing support.

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Assessment – From £45

  • Meet our coach, experience our technology and studios
  • Discuss your requirements and allow us to assess what we can offer best suited for you
  • Live data and video report at the end of the session

Lesson Rates

(each lesson is booked for 1 hour including data/ report uploads and change over, approximately 50 minutes of live time)

  • Adults: £75 per lesson, promotional packages available for as little as £60 per lesson
  • Juniors: £50 per lesson, promotional packages available for as little as £45 per lesson
  • Special bespoke packages can be tailored to your requirements are available including specialist and off site elements. Please see below for some examples
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Next Level Swing

Good Golf Swings provide distance and accuracy consistently. We will make some significant improvement in the Next Level Swing programme

  • 5 x Swing lessons on Trackman with our coach utilising Trackman and video analysis
  • Trackman data and swing analysis provided and emailed
  • Video comparison of gains as you progress
  • Option to add on course game lesson
  • Ongoing remote support
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Next Level Game

If you are committed to achieving the Next Level of your game, here we can make it happen! A fully comprehensive look into and improvement of every aspect of your golf

  • 5 x Swing lessons on Trackman
  • 2 x Short game lessons (Trackman with putting)
  • 1 x Yardage session (gapping – accurately assessing your yardages)
  • Video comparison of gains as you progress
  • 18 Hole playing lesson at a Golf club of your choice (4 hrs)*
  • Trackman data and swing analysis provided and emailed
  • Ongoing remote support

*Please discuss arranging this with your coach at time of booking

What our customers are saying

I’ve played golf for many years, but never really understood the mechanics of the golf swing. Having had a couple of lessons with Luke, using the Trackman technology at Next Level Golf, I was immediately able to see how the changes Luke made to my golf swing impacted on my numbers…specifically on club path and swing plane. Having been struggling to play to my handicap of 12 before coaching, I’ve been out on the course since playing consistently to a single figure number. Can’t recommend highly enough.

John P

When I started lessons with Luke, I was a very poor level, just starting out. I didn’t have a good understanding of the game itself. All I knew in this period, was that I wanted to learn the correct way. Luke not only helped to realise what my goals were, but also made them feel achievable with his positive reinforcement.

Having golf lessons is a fairly personal experience. Up until I met Luke, I had had four previous golf professionals instructing me. I never clicked with them on a personal level and eventually decided to move on. I have been using Luke’s services for 18 months now and have no intentions in stopping. Although our lessons are much less frequent now, I can attribute that solely to the improvements in my game, that Luke has orchestrated. In essence working with Luke is enjoyable and informative. I always leave a lesson understanding more of the mechanics than I previously did.

With regards to progress, what can I say the number 1 result I have achieved working with Luke?
I could say it’s how he has allowed me to hit long and straight. Which he has, BUT, I would actually say the number one result is CONFIDENCE. This stems from my understanding of the game now. Stepping up to a ball before a shot and knowing what I want to do rather than my previous hit n hope philosophy, creates a completely different game to play. And this is solely down to Luke’s instructions and guidance.

I would recommend Luke to any golfer at any level. He will make it his mission to improve your physical and mental progression of this amazing sport.

Joe C
1st thing I can say that when I had my 1st lesson, you asked me what I was looking for, and I asked for consistency, I was about a 14 handicap, but had fewer good games than not so good.

2nd in my eyes I have the process and progress working with you is really paying off, even though I take my time in some lessons.

3rd and finally the best thing I can honestly say from working with you is that I have found much more consistency in my game which has made me realise I can only get better and better by keep working with you which will help me keep moving forward.

Chad H
I first met Luke when he ran lessons at my primary school. I signed up for a term and loved it so moved to Sunbury to join Luke’s academy. I wanted to improve my swing and play consistently.

Luke is very patient and encouraging. He explains things so they are easy to understand and practice.

Being able to improve my standard so I am confident to play the 18 hole course with various players.

Thomas R

Why not book your assessment now, or organise to pop by for a coffee and let us show you why Next Level Golf can “Unleash Your Potential”